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The primary focus of Gopal Associates is Research in the area of HVAC, Energy Efficiency, Fault Detection and Diagnosis FDD) and Demand Response. Dr. Raj Gopal has over twenty five years of experience and has published papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences (ASME, ASHRAE, ISA, AEE, CLIMA 2013) in the areas of Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer, TES, optimal load control of boilers, Energy Management Control Systems, AFDD.Wrote Research Reports in the area of HVAC control strategies, statistical approach to address perturbations in data collection in BAS, comfort controller among others. Dr. Gopal was a Scientist at Johnson Controls (JCI) for over a decade and developed the first ever FDD Product which was introduced by JCI  in 1985. He has over ten years of experience working for Wisconsin Electric Power WEPCO) and American Electric Power as a Senior Demand Side Management (DSM) Engineer. He was responsible for technical studies on DSM products by vendors, consultants and product manufacturers. Experience included performing energy audits of non-residential buildings and research studies on DSM program implementation. Worked extensively with electric utility customer service engineers and customer service representatives and played a major role in meeting the target for the MW reduction for the DSM program. Dr. Gopal worked  on TES projects and designed a system for an office building based on site data and simulation. The system was successfully installed. Dr. Gopal was a consultant for JCI and MCC Powers (Acquired by Siemens). He was an active member of ASHRAE's Standard committee on Liquiding chilling packages and vice chair of Building Operation Dynamics committee. Chaired an ASHRAE Forum on DSM. Dr. Gopal worked in the manufacturing industry for four years as a Maintenance Engineer and was responsible for 30% reduction in energy consumption.He has patents in the area of Solar Energy and TES. Taught HVAC, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer as Adjunct Lecturer at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Milwaukee School of Engineering and an HVAC class to WEPCO staff. He served as an Editor for ASME's Symposium volumes on Energy conservation. Member of ASHRAE and IEEE. Dr. Gopal obtained his Ph.D.from University of Akron, Akron, Ohio and M.S. from IIT Madras.